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Tablet PC

I keep drooling over the Lenovo X41 Tablet PC but I have a problem ordering it. It is basically the same specs as my IBM T40 that is just over 2 years old. So how do you upgrade to a new Tablet when it's the same specs as your notebook? I love the features of the Tablets but is it really work spending several thousand dollars on?

Raymond Smith

Microsoft Small Business Specialist

Microsoft Small Business Specialist
Well I have to give Microsoft a lot of credit I am now a Small Business Specialist.

I took my 70-282 exam at 8:45AM on 9/10/05
I got a congratulation e-mail from Person @ 7:30PM on 9/10/05
I got a Microsoft MCP Number e-mail @ 6:00AM on 9/11/05
I got a Microsoft MCP Auth Number e-mail @ 7:00AM on 9/11/05
I registered for Small business Specialist on the MS Partner site @ 7:30AM on 9/11/05

Basically a process Microsoft says takes 7 days took less than 24 hours...

I came across a DHCP error in SBS 2003 SP1 that was perplexing and with the help of Jeff Middleton have a solution. When you would go to re-run the connect to the Internet wizard, it would produce an error telling you DHCP wasn't configured or alternatively DHCP needs to be disabled. The error is completely misleading as the actual problem turned out to be that the NIC had a second address on another subnet left over from migrating data from an old server box. Once the second address was removed from the NIC the connect to the Internet wizard works correctly.

SMB Nation is such a great resource as I was able confer with Susan Bradley (http://msmvps.com/bradley/) and Jeff Middleton (http://www.sbsmigration.com/) on this problem and get it solved quickly.

Thanks to all who helped!

Raymond Smith

Microsoft Small Business Specialist

Well I just completed the Microsoft 70-282 test and the required marketing exam to be a small business specialist. The test was quite interesting with the wording of the question but I passed it on my first try. This certification is Microsoft current best thing, and having it shows I understand small businesses and their technology, if you know me you realize this is more than true, but I had to prove it to Microsoft....

Well still at SMB Nation http://www.smbnation.com, Harry B. put on a wonderful conference with more information than anyone can possible assimilate. if it wasn't for attending the conference last year and learning a log about the Small Business sales process I would not be in business this year, this conference is that important!

Well gotta go, Microsoft has free Soda's here in the conference center.

Raymond Smith

First Real Blog Post & SMB nation

Well I guess it's time to start using this Blog. Speaking with Ann Stanton http://thenorwichgroup.blogs.com/ during a late night get together of SBSers at SMB nation she explained the benefits of bloging. Hopefully I can actually post something meaningful from time to time. Well it's my 2nd day in Sunny (Not really - raining) Redmond, WA home of Microsoft. Today we coverer a lot of ground on SBS topics especially why BS consultants should become MS Small Business Soecialiests by taking the Microsoft 70-282 exam. I am taking the exam in the morning at 8:45am (not so smart considering it's 2:46AM and I am creating my first real blog post). Well I better go to bed.

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