Raymond Smith

Southwest Airlines Hell

Well everything was going good leaving SMB Nation today, the town car was on time, got to the air port got through security, and then loaded on to a Southwest Sardine Can, then came the fun, "Ladies and gentlemen we are having a minor problem with the plane. We are going to have to shut the power down completely and then turn it back on" I made a bade Microsoft Crack that I didn't know the place ran windows 95, and needed a reboot. Well after that come "Ladies and gentlemen, we are having a technical problem and they are brining a replacement part, it should be 15-20 minutes" Well in the end 15 minutes in southwest time is 2:30+ hours. When we finally did take off @ 9:45AM (We should have arrived in Sacramento from Seattle @ 8:45AM) everything went smooth. Now would I have wanted to be on a place they didn't fix NO WAY, I guess thats like not patching your server. Well I finally ended up in Sacramento @ 11:05AM. So I needed a MINI SD card and went to Fry's, well found the card no problem, but when I took it to the register they couldn't swipe my Visa, and when they hand key it, they have to get Manager approval, well that took 15 minutes including a chorus of 5 cashiers yelling customers service to get a manager. So while I had a great time a SMB Nation the trip home was tiring........

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