Why is it that I can find time to not only make a blog post but to update the bloggin software itselft from SMB Nation’s conference in Redmond, WA?

I didn’t even manage to post an entry last year, but I am this year and hopefully I can start posting on a more regular basis.

So where am I at and what am I doing?

I am at the Annual SMB Nation conference in Redmond, WA @ Microsoft’s Corporate Headquarters. I am learning about all kinds of interesting technologies and processes to serve our customer better.

It’s been an interesting few weeks in EZNetSys land, first of a all another local consultant that we had worked with in the past Dave Kent of MicroHelp! computer passed away. So we have been busy helping his customer out. Then there was the ConnectWise Summit in Tampa, FL where I went to lean how to operate the business more efficently. Now I am in Washington State, all I really want right now is to get back to the office.

Well I am going out now to a meeting, will most more soon.

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