How To Secure More Sales And Clients Using FREE Search Engine Marketing

With the economy tanking and businesses looking to cut costs every way possible, it only makes sense that many are focusing more attention on

using free social media marketing to fuel sales and new customers. After all, almost everyone uses the Internet to research a company before

buying from them; and if you are not coming up in the local searches, you are definitely missing out on a number of potential prospects who are

ready to buy what you sell.

While there are dozens—if not hundreds—of strategies for being found online, I believe you have to walk before you run. To that end, here are a

few simple, key strategies you can use immediately to improve your search engine ranking locally.

#1: Add yourself to the local search engine pages:









 Other web sites to list yourself include:





#2. Figure out a handful of “seed” keywords you will focus on.

     While many online marketers will tell you to have hundreds if not thousands of keywords, the reality is that there are only a few key search terms people will be looking for.

     The goal is to get 10 very well selected TARGET keyword phrases that will be worth the effort. These target keyword phrases should provide enough traffic, a spot on SERPs (search engine results pages) that you can potentially get top ranking in, and will provide the type of targeted traffic you most want.


·         Page TITLES

·         Page <H1> headers

·         Sparse <b> bold or <i> italic words 

·         Internal linking (Coordinate things so that they match up; linked TEXT must go to a page with the same keywords in the TITLE)

·         External links coming into your site such as Twitter, YouTube videos, your blog (if hosted on an external web ¨ site), etc.

     Here are a few web sites that will help you determine what keywords you should focus on:

#3. Add a blog to your web page and update it with a new article or post at least once a week.

     One of the best is WordPress; however, you will need help from a web master to set it up. Another option is to set up a blog at or, which you can easily do in a few minutes.

     Whatever you choose, make sure you write relevant, keyword dense articles that link back to your main web site.






This blog replicates posts to, Tumbler and Twitter. To post something, simply send an email to and it will instantly update the pages on all sites, as well as embedding photos and videos.

#4. Start Tweeting!

     Twitter is nothing more than a mini blog that should be updated daily. The best Tweets include news, jokes, offers and quotes. Try to include at least one keyword in your Tweet.


Create an account here:

Read Dan Hollings’ work on how to use Twitter in your marketing:

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